Why do I like psycho girls?

I only feel attracted to girls who have issue
When I feel attracted to a girl it means she has mental issues


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  • Wel, honestly, 2 of the girls I liked a lot did also have a psychological problem... both had emotional disturbances.
    But why I liked them was because they were such spontaneous and nice people :D


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  • We'd get on like a house on fire

    • I mean real personality disorder
      Not normal insanity
      One of my ex's woke up in a fucking different country

    • Nah bitch I'm crazy

    • What you got?

  • what do u mean ur ex woke up in a different country

    • She was with her sister in the US , and then she woke up here , I didn't know she was in the US
      Then her sis called her asking her where are you , you were here with me , she didn't believe that
      We checked her passport and she has fucking dater permissions

      What I mean by psycho I mean real dieses not just normal insane
      When I say I like this girl, everyone around me sure she must have a mental thing

What Guys Said 1

  • you may feel like you can help them. you may sort of be attracted to that "imperfection"