Weird behavior help?

My boyfriend is weird. He opens up , pours his heart out, and then 24 hours later he falls off the face of the earth. M. I. A. The he comes back in 2 days later & says he is sorry. He doesn't want to loose me. When I ask why he did that he says he can't get too far in. WTF? he says he wants to get engaged soon. He keeps ignoring me every time he gets mushy. I don't understand and I can not handle this much longer. To be pulled in just to get pushed away.


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  • Is he possibly revealing and then becoming embarrassed about how much he has revealed?

    • he has done this more than once. I'm getting tired of it

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    • Not announce a plan and not follow through. If he thinks you don't mean what you say, it will only get worse.

      Good luck!

    • I know this is bad

  • Stay away from him or anyone with that type of behavior.

    • Why? I have never met anyone like that. Please explain

    • Well, he clearly has some psychological issues. How can anyone maintain a relationship that is not stable, that doesn't have good communication, and when you don't know where you stand. it's not fair to you

    • This is very true. These are major problems

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  • That's how some people are. If you cannot accept the way he is, you should break up. I don't think he will ever be as you want him to be.