Girls , reaction to finding out I like her is confusing me?

A girl and I used to catch the local transport home everyday it started with us staring, glancing, her copying my actions, randomly getting dressed up in skimpy dresses etc.. As I started catching it less frequent I noticed she seemed to look sad all of a sudden i. e. staring at the ground, resting her head on the windows huffing and puffing. until I got on the transport she would instantly look happier and shocked to see me and just freeze. Then as time went on I failed to make any moves due to my nerves. so I got less frequent due to work like once every 2 months. if i sat opposite her she would just stare at me lked she loves me like holding flowers to her chest and switching between me and the floor which made me shy.

so after 3 months of not seeing me she started to try and grab my attention by checking hair, make up and purposely walking past me to say hi and blushing really bad which i thought was cute. she done it every time she saw me I think my disappearing upset her.

So i finally came back to make my move as I couldn't due to working 100+ hours. To find out she has a new boyfriend, I decided to not add her Fb but instead comment on her photo which her boyfriend found out. I seen her the following day and she smiled hugely as I was walking up to the stop. Her boyfriend walked up and noticed why she was smiling. he followed me onto the same carriage as did she. as he was looking around for a place to sit she faced me with a huge smile, wide eyes, biting and licking her lips as i hinted her boyfriend was turning back around.

I got off early to avoid him and received a message from her saying just as i seen her doesn't mean i can approach her. her boyfriend clearly manipulated her. I knew it was lies so I ignored. 20 mins later her boyfriend seen me and asked if I was * I said no he said ok. she stood behind with a huge smile she then blocked me. I left it for 3 days then followed up with an email via Linkedin (Check Update)

I said- Sorry for any problems i caused I was meaning to speak with her for a while and noticed her saying hi all the time and looking at me in cute ways which resulted in me feeling shy and my disappearing was due to my work. I also said I hope in the future we may cross and get to know each other. and that I dont expect a response. then said see you around. then all of a sudden she changed her work picture to her smiling the same way again like her collegue took it.
So to summarise - Basicly flirted got her interested never made any moves. because of my disappearing it forced her to make moves and assumed i wasn't interested. she got New boyfriend. I cam back and this was her reaction Her boyfriend clearly manipulated her into cutting me off. but something is lingering in her mind. All the smiles and her reactions to seeing me and receiving my compliments via facebook seem to be making her confuse me What do you guys/girls think of the situation. many thanks...


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  • Seriously, stop asking the same question over and over again

  • Will you ever not get tired of this story?

    • Hmm, not really no other girls take my interest ! I find this situation very confusing

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