Should you hold on to anything you had with a ex and why did I have a dream about her yet I had sex with my new girlfriend yday?

I have photo's of my ex girlfriend locked away in this online vault thing. I known the photos are there but sometimes i forget.. i never look at them at all they are just there. Should i delite all of our photo's even through i never look at them? photos of all my ex girlfriend are in this vault even the 1 that cheated on me that i didn't really love only cared about. anyway now about this dream i rarely ever dream about my ex so its was just werid to me the day after i had sex with my new girlfriend i dreamed of my ex. In this dream i didn't even see my ex but some how just known it was about her. For some reason in this dream 4 man were trying to kill me i was fighting back but the 4 man couldnt die. So i kept running i passed by a house i never seen before but some how i got a strong gut feeling my ex lived there. I just kept looking at this door till i hand my phone ring them wake up. Does this dream mean anything? to me a dream just a dream and i have accepted the fact me& my ex just not ment to be. people have told me i shouldn't compair my new girlfriend to my old girlfriend at all.. But how can i known when our relationship may end in the same way? my new girlfriend parents don't want us dating becuase am black and feel black people won't go anywhere in life. While my girlfriend parents just felt me as a person wasn't going anywhere in life. Am afarid my new girlfriend parents will forced us to break up like my ex girlfriend parents did so holding back just a little. My new girlfriend told me she holding back as will


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  • I don't think deleting the photos is necessary. Maybe you'll look at them one day in the future and it'll be a nice memory. Or you'll regret deleting them or something. I dunno. If they're just there and you're not even really thinking about them, then you might as well just leave them be.
    As for the dream, I don't think it means anything too deep. It seems like you've been thinking about your ex a bit lately, so it's only normal to end up dreaming about her too.
    As for your current girlfriend and her parents, if she's an adult then technically they can't really do anything about your relationship. She's a new girlfriend so it's also normal to hold back a bit in the beginning, especially considering the circumstances with her parents. Just let time do its thing and it'll get better. If not, you can always just leave.

    • I argee in the pics thing and on the the fact she not my ex girlfriend however how parents do have the power to make dating her a living hell like with my ex girlfriend.

  • I can't tell you whether to delete pictures that once meant a lot to you or not. If it were me, i'd delete them. As for the dream, a psychologist friend once explained to me that the stories in dreams are the brain's way of trying to make sense of some rather random activity. Our brains thrive on storytelling. What does your brain have to make up stories with? Past events and images from your history. So your dreaming about your ex probably means nothing.

    I would agree with people who have told you not to judge your nee relationship based on the old. The current girl is not the same as the old one, and you have grown in some ways since that relationship. If you did something wrong to drive her away (and I have no idea if you did or not) then you have the power to change it. Relationships are impossible to predict or control and all you can do is try your best.

    • Yea thank you it may just be random dreams.. i had a dream of her agin today and ill just keep the photo's i don't really like at them often but don't wanna regert removing them. And i known what i did wrong with my ex girlfriend or didn't do wrong but its not something i have the power to change unless she comes back. I will admit i have grow so much since then and am gonma use everything i learned from all my old relationship in this new one.

    • My boyfriend had files and other things that he didn't think he'd care about and he wrote them to a CD before throwing them out. At least that way you can just put the CD away, free up the space and change your mind later if you want to.

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  • I still have things from my ex wife and pictures and still something for her at times but not any dreams anymore, dreams are hard to interpret but could be unresolved issues in your subconscious coming out in your dreams

    • Thank you for your output maybe its becuase i still love her

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