Was he flirting or joking with me? Decode his behavior?

is he flirting or just joking? Can't decide situation

so I'm a cashier , this cute guy comes in my line and this women with a son behind him. She looks at him then looks at me kinda smirks but I ignore it. He leaves and I'm cashing her out. When I'm pretty much done cashing her out she looks at entrance and looks at me and says " the cute guys back! You be cute he's really tall you're really short I can see it you be cute!" And she makes a joke and stuff. She leaves and he comes back in my line I say " hi how are you... Again?" He says " good just grabbing few more things... Maybe I just wanted to come see you again " I blushed and shit (I'm bad at flirting)

anyway way I don't know if he was joking cause he heard women say that when he walked in cause she looked at him when he walked back in. Or I don't know if he was really interested in me?


Also so flirting tips for if I see him again would be great 😃


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  • I was that huy once. U checkout girls ate potent. I say yes.

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    • Gut sense. Camt be sure unless he comes back.

    • did he come back?:)

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  • Flirting. Will you see him again?

    • I don't know! I hope so I have to pray he comes back to my work again

      But I don't know if it's gonna be awkward or if he's gonna flirt if I do see him again. I'm afraid I ruined my chances

    • Learn from your mistakes if you made any... there will be more hot guys that come in so wait for him but look for other opportunities at love 🤗

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  • Maybe I just wanted to come see you again = I blushed = nooooooooo try not to
    alternate response = YOU may come in to visit me as OFTEN as you care to, then get back to business with business face on but be ready to flirt "in kind" immediately and thereafter

    • What do you mean?

    • SAY: YOU may come in to visit me as OFTEN as you care to
      "in kind" -> Google -> in kind
      phrase of kind
      in the same way; with something similar.
      "if he responded positively, they would respond in kind"

      is what I mean... if I didn't guess what you needed, please be more specific

  • Maybe he heard the lady or was flirting, has he done this before?