Good online friend for the longest?

I have been online friends with this guy for 7 years now and we still haven't met. We have shared many things and are good online buddies, talked to each other a few times over the phone. We decided to meet like 5 times now and some thing always comes up when we decided to meet either he will be unavailable or me...anyhow you know how some of us believe in "fate" you think we will meet when we are suppose too? He has been one of my longest online buddy..

thank you all for your comments...we will meet!


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  • I don't necessarily believe in fate. But I do think if you both really want it to happen... then it will work out.

    You both should really try to work around your schedules and just set a date and agree not to change it unless something incredibly important comes up.


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  • I'd say it'll happen if it's supposed to happen. I've got one that kind of hinted at meeting, but highly unlikely it will ever take place. But online friends are like real-life friends. Some are in it for the long-haul, and some are here and gone just as quick. But then others have gone on to meet with one another and have become friends in life, and not just online. Don't give up.


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  • I believe in fate. If two people are meant to be together then they will be together sooner or later. But you've known guys in real life longer than him, and one of them could be your fate. Ever think about that?