He has a girlfriend... is it weird if he does this?

So about 1 yr ago. I rlly liked this guy... I was sure he even liked me too. Anyways I now find out he has a girlfriend I was so heartbrokend and depressed for some time. Anyways I have stepped away and I respect his hirlfriend she is nice. But recently we went out for lunch with a group of friends.. its so weird because this guy he is always staring at me. I was looking out the window & and when i turned arnd he was staring at me and then I motion with my head like whats up. he smiles and says nothing. Then it happened again he smiles straight at me. the weird thing he doesn't do this with any other girls... I feel awk because I know he has a girlfriend he was talking about her. Anyways my mom would say before she was sure he liked since before... I obviously want to be his friend... So what do you all think about this?


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  • Yes, that's very weird and very disrespectful towards his girlfriend.

    • yeah thats what I felt... but whybwould he stare?

    • Why would he stare?

      There can be many reasons for that:

      1. May be he finds you physically appealing, attractive to his eyes.

      2. May be he has an intention to flirt with you.

      3. May be he is interested in you or wants to be your friend.

What Girls Said 2

  • I recently went through this exact same thing. I chose to cut him off as my friend though, not only b/c my desire to be something more was just too strong, but I eventually started to feel like by him acting like that, he's trying to "have his cake and eat it too", and I'm not having that; he's not going to use me for his self esteem boost or whatever: "I've got a girlfriend, but when she's not around I've got this other girl I'm attracted to and she talks to me" or whatever.
    Then I wonder, if he's willing to act that way while he's already with someone, who's to say he won't turn around and do it to me if we got together? So I know I'm probably better off anyway. Plus there's no point yearning for something that's not attainable because he obviously has no intentions of leaving her, so.
    I think you're better off just moving on and forgetting about him... maintain the friendship if you want, but, proceed with caution...

  • I think you need to avoid doing anything more than be his friend until he breaks up with his girlfriend. That's the only respectful thing you can do. If he tries to cheat on her with you, tell her.

    • Well we dont rlly hangout all the time
      .. the problem is we have the same circle of friends. So thats hard to avoid but I just in general try no to talk to him that much anymore or at all. But do u think his behavior is weird?

    • It is a little odd, but it may be nothing