This guy is just being nice or he secretly having a crush on me?

I've just entered college for like two months and I met this guy who is my classmate. When we first see eachother I always felt like he was starring at me. In the first few weeks he always call my full name , and I'll say "Yes , what is it?", and will reply "Nothing" and smile shyly at the ground. Strangely , we never had long conversation until today. Weeks passed by , in my class group chat , he openly mentioned about dating me. I didn't take it seriously cuz I thought he was just joking. And I always realized he'll choose a seat behind me in lecture hall. That is the only time he would talk to me and he is very friendly at those time. He'll ask about homework , he wants to borrow my pen , but in short , it was more to like small talks. My other guy classmate Sam sat beside him in lecture hall, and Sam mentioned about asking me to start wearing makeup just to make myself look presentable. He quickly cut our conversation and said , "No no.. dont listen to him. You dont need to change anything. you're great jist the way you are". I was surprised. Other signs was , when a guy classmate approaches me , he'll quickly come to me and he'll try to take his attention to go somewhere else. I was suspecting he was jealous. He also once offered me food in lecture hall because he thought I was hungry. My classmate once cought him starring at me for so long , they told me there was something going on with the way ge stares at me.

Im not sure what he is trying to tell me , I am doubt that he actually likes me is because sometimes he would totally ignore me and we wouldn't say a word. But in those time , he would always stare and sit close to me in same room. What do you think? Does he like me or he is just being nice?


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  • Well I'm a guy and sometimes guys do that, everybody is different. I don't pay attention to girls like that unless I like them, so I think he likes you, he wouldn't be doing all that just to be nice. If you still have a question I probably will have an answer.

    • But what if he seems hot and cold? One day he's all nice and flirty but the next day he just completely ignores me?

    • Well when you like someone some people take it in different ways, I don't know he may be confident and collected one moment and in denial another moment. Even if he is hot and cold I still think he likes you.

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  • I think he really likes you :3.

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