He seems mad at me after I told him he hasn't said I love you to me ever?

My boyfriend and I have been together 9 months and he never said I love you no I kinda brought it up on the phone because it's been on my mind and he seemed like annoyed or angry at me for bringing it up and he really didn't react to if or say much about it


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  • Being forced to tell that can be really annoying, especially when he's expected to elaborate this.


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  • Although you both 'Have been together 9 months,' @daniixo he may not Yet... Be ready to Tell you "I love you."
    Let it go for now. He has come this Far thus Far in Being in a Real Relationship. However, I think that if Actions speak Louder than his own Words, allow Time... To be your Bestie from the Restie. This will eventually come with the Mush and Gush.
    Good luck. xx