So my boyfriend just left for vacation for a week and I'm sad about it, what do I do to make myself happier for the next 7 days?

I thought at first that he was going to leave tomorrow for New York but I woke up this morning to a text from him saying that he is done packing and is leaving now for New York and he will miss me and to stay beautiful along with making a cute reference to the video game we both love playing and he kept saying I love you. I texted him back to see if I could quickly talk to him, but the message didn't deliver, which meant he has no wifi and left. He won't be able to talk to me for a whole week because he will be with his family the whole time which I don't mind but the thought that I missed the chance to talk to him and say goodbye I love you before he left made me feel sad and I even started crying. I just don't know what to do, I can keep myself busy for like an hour doing house chores but other than that, I have nothing to do. School starts for me this Monday (my boyfriend lives in a different county so he goes to a different school and doesn't start for another week) but I can't have myself crying in school missing him, it would be a huge distraction. I can't go out with friends because they are all out for the weekend. What can I do to get my mind off missing him for the entire week? especially since I didn't get to talk to him before he left. Thanks

By the way it also seems hard for me since I got back from a 11 day vacation a week ago and also wasn't able to talk to him the whole time since I was also with my family the entire time


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  • Voluntary work
    Read a book
    Go pamper yourself to a mani / pedi/ massage
    General cleaning
    Visit family

  • Don't you have friends?

    • They are all on vacation for the weekend