Was it all in my head? Saw this guy and was instantly attracted to him and I always caught him looking at me too?

So i started a one or two conversations with him that were brief... very brief!
i was seeing him almost everyday but since the last conversation where he asked me if i was interested in anything more than just knowing his name and I was nervous and responded with no... I've started to see him less and less
and i'm wondering if maybe it was all in my head, maybe he wasn't interested or did my response cause the shift?

possible to regain his attention because now I'm a little sad...

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  • Yes. Say hi next time you see him and ask if he wants to hang out. Like get lunch or coffee. And then have a conversation. Bring up the latest move or book that's interested you and ask what he thinks. Stuff like that. He knows what it's like to get nervous and probably won't think anything of the fact that you said you didn't have any interests. People do dumb things when they're nervous! Lol

    • Thank you! It's so weird because I've never met a guy that made me this nervous

    • No problem! I just wish I could take my own advice. Lol