What should I do about this lad? Should I talk to him?

It's been a week since our second date and I haven't heard from the guy. I've been wondering what's up, because the date went quite well. I have his contact on skype and I can see him online every day? But he doesn't bother to start conversation. What should I do?


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  • Hmmm...seems like he is not that into you and it took him the second date to realize that. I'm sure it went quite well but some people can lose interest for whatever reason. Maybe he just realized after the second date that he was not feeling you as much as he thought. Its all apart of dating. You win some and you lose some and no matter how great you thought things were going, it can be totally different for the other peron. He could have been dating someone else while he was dating you and decided to stick with her. Either way, a week after is way to long if you are really feeling someone so it is obvious that "He is not that into you." What you should do is leave it alone and move on. Don't call/text asking why you haven't heard from him casue it will make you look desperate. Just brush it off and if he comes back, then you can ask.

  • You can start the conversation :) He's probably waiting for you to initiate contact especially if he's the one who asked you out on the date

    • Well, he asked me out on both dates, but I turned down his invitation to go to some gallery on the second date as I had been there before. So I suggested him another place and he accepted.

    • She can but come on, a week after? That's too long but if he is thinking the same thing about her, then I guess someone has to text or call firts but there is an pursuing thing going on here. They both won't be pursued but no one is givin in or the guy is just not into her. Girl, I would text, "Hey, Just seeing how you doin and hope you are having a good day. " Its short and sweet and if he is onto, he will respond and yall will have a second date but if not, then you know the answer.