Wonder If I did the right thing?

Hey everybody need some help/advice

A couple days ago my girlfriend was texting on her phone and I'm almost positive it was another guy. She deleted it real quick and when I asked her who she just deleted she said it was one of her girlfriends. I'm like why would you delete it if it was nothing bad and I can just tell when she's lying cause I have been with her for almost 2 years. This has happened in the past and I've even been cheated on. So I finally called it quits after an off and on relationship and now I feel like I always do sad and depressed and helpless :( I'm wondering if I did the right thing especially since were not officially together but still say I love you to each other and hang out when we're both home from college. Just wondering if I did the right thing and what to do here on out. Thanks for the help!


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  • [ Was it right? ] : Yes, it was what you wanted to do

    [ Was it fair to her? ] : Not at all, you're bringing your past into the present.

    What you need to do:

    1) Get over the past

    - Yes being cheated on sucks, but just breaking up with your currently relationship isn't going to help sh*t.

    2) Learn how to handle these situations for the future

    - Instead you need to learn how to control the situation and be a leader: "Do you mind if I call that number?"

    3) Stand by your values

    - ... If she freaks out and says "don't call that number" ; then you are completely justified in breaking up with her. NEVER allow yourself to be walked on. Women will respect a man that can respect himself and her.

    Overall, just remember to be respectful of her and yourself;

    - you don't need to start namecalling (Calling her a lieing skank or a stupid cheating bitch)

    - you don't need a reason to be a man, you're calling a number (not putting down her dog)

    - you need to start finding other ways to protect yourself than breaking up with a girl.


    ~ ArtistBBoy


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  • you did the right thing..you were right, if there's nothing to hide, why hide it? its not worth being with her..you deserve someone who cares about you and not play some kind of mind games..and yes its okay for you to feel sad..give it some time and you will feel better again..distract yourself and keep doing your hobbies and sooner or later you'll find someone else that's worth your time..much luck

  • U dun need to always think negative. .though, she cheated on you but you forgave her and she got another chance. .and maybe she blew that chance away:S But it's not actually ur fault, it's hard to trust a person who've cheated. .maybe she did deleted her girlfriends textmgs because it was private! or maybe there was another guy! overall, nobody can be in a relationship without trust!

    Sometimes our past never leave us!

    In the end I'll say, be with someone you can trust and where you can manage ur relationship. .

  • absolutely did the right thing, move on and find someone who deserves you.

  • Absolutely. If she cheated on you before and is still behaving in ways that make you question if she's doing it again, then you are better off alone. Even if she isn't cheating, you do not trust her. Without trust, a relationship is pointless; its a constant mindf***. You don't need that...or her for that matter


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  • yes. you did the right thing. if there was no trust in the relationship, it needed to be ended. if you broke up with her, it was for a good reason. don't second-guess yourself. you felt like it needed to end so you did the right thing.