Find myself still wondering about my ex sometimes... even though I have a new boyfriend?

I'm not sure if this is normal or not. My relationship with my ex lasted from May 2014 to April 2015. It's complicated? But he ended up practically hating me and we broke up, I pushed him to it I guess.

He refused to talk to me for so long, and whenever I did talk to him, he was vague and hurtful. So, I moved on. I met my current boyfriend in May 2016. We texted continuously and it wasn't long before we started spending a lot of time together.

We've been together for 2 months now, and he's a lovely guy. I'd say I'm happy? But I find myself stressing that things are going too fast given the amount of time we do spend together. That and the fact that I've been thinking about my ex a lot lately too :/.

Is it at all normal to be feeling nostalgic about a past relationship/wondering how your ex might be?

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  • You need to get past him. It's not fair to your current boyfriend.

    • Yeah I know. I thought I was over the guy honestly... and now I'm not so sure.

    • If I'm your new boyfriend I give you an ultimatum, get over him or I'm leaving you. He deserves better. I'd never have gotten involved with you to begin with.

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  • It's normal to wonder. Depending how it ended depends on whether that thought ends with "I hope s/he is okay..."'or "I hope s/he is being tortured to death..."

    • Ok thanks. Is it normal to worry knowing your ex has a lot of personal problems going on/an unhappy life?

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    • Thanks, I'm kinda glad this is normal. And oh dear? I'm really sorry to hear that :(

    • Lol it's fine. I was just trying to say that just because someone doesn't miss their ex doesn't mean lack of love or anything. All breaks are hard but different circumstances will get different responses.

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  • Just goes on to prove what I have always believed - most girls just NEED to be in a relationship. If one relationship ends, just hop on to another one.

    You shouldn't even have started dating others before you got over your ex completely. Now your current boyfriend has to suffer the consequences of your mistake.

    • Eh, no chance. Considering I've spent my whole life single apart from my past 1 year long relationship? I'd say I DON'T need to be in a relationship, thank you very much.

      As for being over the guy, doesn't it occur to you that maybe I thought I WAS over him already? Only to realise that I might still have a soft spot for him?

      Bit of a panic here. But if you're going to sit and brand me as being a pathetic girl who can't handle life on her own then please remove yourself. I'm one of the most independent girls I know, and I do not need a man to get by.

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    • I could happily stay single after a break up, despite there being a queue of guys ready for me to date. I'm way too fussy when it comes to men. I just thought that for once, I'd try something new, but it has nothing to do with a 'need' to be with someone.

    • I'm sorry, I suppose I answered inappropriately. I usually stay composed, but occasionally I do feel a bit disappointed about how easy it is for women to date, while I have been single for over 5 years now, unable to approach women, severe inferiority complex due to my race, and a myriad of other deep flaws.

      Once again, my apologies. The thought of being alone all my life can sometimes be scary, although I am used to it by now. :)

  • well you are the one that moved into a new relationship when u clearly haven't got over ur ex.


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