What do you think of this situation?

I am 17 years old, will be 18 in January, and the guy that I like is 20 and will be 21 in February. He's from a different country (Czech Republic) and just began to learn English in 2014. What do you think of this situation? Is it wrong? Is it okay? Any tips or comments? I'm kind of stuck on what to do, would greatly appreciate some input! Thanks!!!


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  • What you i think? You should ask yourself what do YOU think. Do you want to teach him some english? Liked him enough? Ask him come over your place and teaches him some English. Simple, I like a girl who's honest, and not holding back

    • I meant primarily about the age... but yes I am very willing to help him with his English! I think it's cute that he gets confused sometimes. :)

    • if you attracted to him, age doesn't matter!

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  • This has BAD IDEA stamped all over it.

    • Can you tell me why?

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    • I already know it is what?

    • A bad idea...