Dose he like me? or I'm I one of those crazy womem😂!!! Friend zone or not lol🤔😝?

I dont know if he is nice or he like me
1 He let me drive his truck and had me hold his keys
2 told me i was beautful no matter what anyone els thinks when i asked if a photo was ugly
3 help me when i needed it
4 grabbed my hand when he was drunk to feel the heat out of the air unit when my hand was already there?
5 told me he appreciate me?
6 called me honey
7 brought me lunch/drinks
8 ask odd qestions about me and rembers most of what i tell him?


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  • He is not a freind because he told you that your were beautiful. A freind would call you pretty or lovely and he told you that he appreciates you. He also is showing interst in you by asking odd questions and remembering. The rest might be either way but those point to more.


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  • No doubt he like you. Wh do you need to ask? Are there some negative signals as well?

    • yes there are sometimes it seem like he avoids me or it may be because he is busy
      and he never accepts my help that much he has asked for it.

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    • I dont work with him but I know him because of my work. I work for a family member

    • HE probably holds back because of the gossip mill at work and in his family...

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  • Sounds like you got this in the bag and he seems to show signs that he likes you. (:

  • He probably likes you