I don't get HIM? Why talk to me for hours and hours online and then go silent on me?

There's a guy I'm talking to on Facebook. We haven't met ever, but I stalked him a couple years ago on fb and decided to test my luck this time. I'm 21; he's 26. On Tuesday he messaged me, we talked from 10 pm to 2am, and then the next day he messaged me at 6pm and we talked til 3am. We get along so well. He complimented me saying I was awesome and mentioned I was a "total babe." He isn't like a player dude; he is quiet and we both are similar because we spend 90% of our time alone. He's working a crappy job now and plays in a band. He told me he had Thursday off, and he totally was Hinting at getting together, but come Thursday I messaged him mid day, asking how his day off was, and he never opened or responded to my message and he has been online continuously as I see on Facebook messenger it shows him active. It has been 2 days now... I don't understand how we talked THAT much and now he's so silent. Should I take it personal or what?


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  • He lost interest, or was never thst interested to begin with it seems. Talking is just that, but when it came down to possibly meeting up, he's bailed. Take compliments online with a grain of salt.

    Of course he could just be scared shitless at the prospect of a girl and is avoiding you to cope.

    • but why would you talk to someone for 8 hours straight if you weren't interested?

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    • Talking is just talking, its easy enough to do - especially with a computer screen seperating you. I can easily talk to someone for hours too and have no romantic interest whatsoever. If you truly are very attractive, it's like i said he might just be scared at the actual prospect of meeting you. HOWEVER there are many other reasons he might cut you off pre-emptively

      - he has a girlfriend
      - he is not looking for a relstionship
      - he is simply flattering his ego and practicing talking to girls
      - religious or family reasons he cannot see you

      Just to name a few.

      Either way unless he comes out and says why he's been avoiding you, you'll never know. I always tell people this but only give out as much attention as you get - since you are getting nothing now, you should probably shift yours onto other guys until/if he reinitiates contact.

    • That makes sense, thanks for the many reasons. I know he doesn't have a girlfriend, and he doesn't even have any female interactions AT ALL on Facebook. I guess I don't get why he would straight up tell me we should meet up and hang out and then he just doesn't. I know I won't I initiate anything... He did invite me to an event in a week, through a Facebook invite. Sooo if I go there he knows he will see me... I don't know I'm confused why he would act like this.

  • Sounds like a flake ass nigga.

    • It does, doesn't it? He invited me to something in a week... Like a group event, but I was hoping to meet him before. Maybe he's hoping to just meet me then and so he avoids be until then?

    • Maybe he's playing games like going hot and cold to keep you guessing, like the treat them mean keep them keen thing. I wouldn't bother with a girl who did this so I don't think you should bother with a dude who does it.

    • He could be. I hate games myself and refuse to play them.

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  • That's how some people are. He probably lost interest/he is talking to someone else.