Women limited dating pool reason. Do you agree with this?

Women limited dating pool reason. Do you agree with this?First off, most women would rather be set on fire than to make the first move. This has the result of filtering out any guy who doesn't make a move. A lot of the guys who won't make a move, do so because they are timid, which is a trait women don't want. However, there are a lot of men who just genuinely don't know that the woman is interested in them. Very few guys frequently make moves on tons of women.

The second reason is that women have unreasonable standards. This isn't to say that they have high standards, though they usually do because they may believe that they're more valuable than they really are. Women will filter out men over nonsense, like whether he paid for her dinner. It ultimately becomes a game where you succeed by meeting unreasonable demands and by building up attraction.

So I don't believe that women really have limited dating options, I think they unintentionally restrict their own dating life to the same types of men. They're surrounded by men who would be interested in getting to get to know them, but who don't ask out every woman they meet, don't know they are interested, aren't great conversationalists and/or aren't willing to play by women's bullshit rules. Women going after two major types of guys.

The first guy is a guy who is genuinely very high value, but because women have so many restrictions most women want him.
He is legitimately better than most of them so he won't even bother dating lower tier women, because why settle? If he does bother with lower tier women, it'll just be for fun and sex.

The second guy is everyone else who can survive in the arbitrary world of women's dating. Most of these guys know the rules and use them to their advantage. They can have sex with women and be scumbags because they know how to play the game.

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I blame women for this reality, it's only possible because they expect men to abide by one-sided gender roles. If women want more dating options they need to date guys who don't fit their rigid, nonsensical preferences and who don't play by one-sided rules.
Thanks for the pole result fellas. If you want more self evidence see female shaming of men struggling while they are completely obvious to the fact they keep going to same sample of men.

We see this also when women complain all men want sex.


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  • Yeah, if we won't date the 1st guy who is interested in us because we don't have anything in common (and/or aren't attracted to) we are evil and deserve to burn in hell. Makes so much sense. 😒


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  • Holy generalizing lol. No, I don't agree; I feel that this is just a twisted, over-simplified story that makes sense in your head because you prefer to put the blame on women.

    "Women would rather be set on fire than make the first move." Wrong. Many women do make the first move.

    "... they may believe they're more valuable than they really are." The hell? Who are you to determine the value of a person?

    "... he won't even bother dating lower tier women, because why settle?" So what I'm hearing is that men can hold out for someone who meets his standards, but women should be happy with whatever. Cool.

    I just had this conversation with another user yesterday... basically, who are you to determine if a woman's reasons for rejecting a man are unreasonable? Granted, SOME women do take it too far, but by no means is it the majority. I guarantee that a woman knows what she wants and needs in a relationship better than you do. It's easy to judge from the outside.


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