How to make the transition from a text or online relationship to a face to face one?

i really like this guy, and we text all the time, and I'm pretty sure he likes me, but I rarely see him at school, and when I do its just like passing in the halls and we just say "hi"

what could I do to sorta move it forward

i don't know "make him fall in love with me in person as much as in writing"?

also, why are guys so much shyer in person?


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  • To answer your last question first, it isn't just guys, most people, girls and guys, are shyer in person. Being able to write over the internet feels way more safe and you have the option of disappearing if you want, as opposed to talking in person which is on the spot and you don't have time to formulate responses (well, not as much time).

    As for you wanting to up the relationship to a face-to-face basis, I don't recommend school. The easiest thing to do would be invite him to a movie. During the movie you don't have to talk to each other, look at each other, or anything like that. You'd just be practicing being near him in person. Afterwards you'd likely be more comfortable to talk, especially about the movie. The movies are juvenile dates because you don't spend much time at all learning about the other person or talking, but they work for people trying to break the ice, and after all, we all start out as juveniles : )

    Give it a shot, invite him to a movie. If things go well, you may start talking to each other in school more, but don't try and rush things in school because school is and can be pretty frightening.


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