Girl with boyfriend keeps staring and smiling?

A girl with a boyfriend whom liked me for a year and I never made any moves until I found out she now had a boyfriend. My reason for not making moves was due to my work and busy lifestyle. I finally informed her i liked her by commenting on her facebook picture after spotting a advertisement video she created for one of her works clients. so basic her boyfriend found out and got jelous. he made her block me etc. but she keeps staring at me with wide eyes, huge smile, biting and licking her lips. and also hasn't blocked me on other social media websites that he isn't aware of as I sent her a message explaining my disappearing and lack of ability to make moves. im not really looking for a mind reader on here I just thought maybe there was a female who has experience of being in a similar experience that can help me come to a conclusion of what is happening.


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  • Did she respond to you? If not, then he's probably not interested in you.


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  • Ha! Same thing happened to me except i ended up stealing her, she dumped her boyfriend for me

    • lol im so confused right now !

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    • We're not really friends we have hardelly spoken it started with a lot of flirting but then I kept disappearing which kind of forced her to make moves on me but I kept disappearing so she assumed I wasn't interested ( this went on for over a year) when I went to make my move she met her boyfriend at the train stop seen me and tried to act asif they wasn't toegether. So I decided to comment on her photo to let her know. Followed by catching the train the following day and she kept trying to get my attention by staring and smiling hugely , biting and licking her lips. I ignored so she done it again behind her bfs back. He is aware of the situation and forced her to block me on fb. I followed up 3 days later via LinkedIn to inform her that I was interested I just couldn't make my move due to my work etc and that I hope in the future we can get to know each other which she hasn't blocked me. When she sees me she stares with a huge grin it's confusing

    • Its all up to her now, u have done a good amount of work already. tell her straight up, "im not going to flirt with you while u are in a relationship'" and then it will be up to her, it will be her turn to make moves.