How can a social late bloomer catchup in dating?

I never really tried dating until my super late teen years. I was socially awkward all through high school.. It's only been within the last year or so I've had a few intimidate partners and dates.. I still don't seem to be good at approaching and haven't really understand the idea of How to DM, or be successful on tinder like most men my age. "21" the thing is I have been told most of my life by gay, straight men and women of all ages that I'm incredibly handsome. 6 feet, blonde hair blue eyes, chiseled features avid gym goer for several years.. So I feel like my lack of social skills and shyness are ruining my chances. Any tips or ideas? I just hope being late into the dating now scene isn't an end all and I can catchup


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  • get pokemon go and pick up numbers to go out in groups to catch pokemon.

    You're not a late bloomer either.

    • Not a bad idea. And you don't honk starting to attempt dating in early 20s is late?

    • nope. Didn't get my first date till I was 20 and it was pretty terrible. You just have to meet someone and ask them out or for their number.

  • Your dating inexperience isn't a big deal unless you make it one. Try not to be so self-conscious about it. It's probably more common than you think.

    Since you're shy, it may be less nerve-wracking to meet girls online. Put up your best pictures (try to use candid ones that aren't selfies) and message a bunch of people. If you aren't having luck on tinder, then give okcupid a try.

    I actually have a myTake about this that may be helpful:


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