First date, will the guy stand me up?

Today me and this guy, I have been talking to since Monday, are suppose to meet this afternoon, but he told me throughout this week and last night, that today at noon 12PM, he was going to go to a car dealership, and buy himself a new car. He says we would meet in the afternoon, at the mall. Never indicating a time slot at all. So if he's at the car dealership, and he does buy a new car today, doesn't that process take all day? Do you think he will stand me up, or he did this on purpose to not meet me or something? Its like if he knew we were going to meet today, why go and go to this car dealership today, and not tomorrow or another day, why try going today and THEN meet me when it may or may not even happen. What do you think will happen?


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  • If the paper work is already don't picking up a can can be quick. I have never heard of it taking more than a couple hours. If oh are really bothered you could ask him for an estimate time to meet, as you have other things to schedule that day. If he can't give you anything then I would be weary. Not to mention that is just not respectful or polite.

    • Him and I met up and had a good time, and may have another date in the works. Just have to see where it goes from this point.