Guys, if a woman has a pretty face but a softer body, would you date her?

Say the woman has been told she has a pretty face. She has large round eyes, plump lips, small nose, and high cheekbones. No double chin, no acne and nice skin.

Some of her body is toned, except her mid section. She is a bit rounder and softer. She still has long toned legs and arms.

Would you find her attractive and want to date her? Or do you prefer a fit body and average face?

  • Pretty face, softer body
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  • Fit body, average face
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  • Age 20 or so years really quick so we can date !!

    • I am working on my time machine, so I'll see you there!

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    • It's no problem! I actually like steak, my stomach just doesn't haha.

    • Thank you young Lady

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  • A soft body is exactly what men like. Wtf why are you even asking?

    • Softer - chubby. Not fat or obese. Or do you prefer a skinnier and fit person, that is what I'm asking.

  • both :3

    • Sadly, the woman doesn't have both.

    • nah i mean even if she was like choice 1 or two, i would date her regardless

    • Oh got it, thanks!