Is she at least interested or just a friend?

The other night i asked a girl who i've recently become closer with over to cook with me
she enthusiastically said yes while we were cooking i think i picked up a couple of signs
- everytime i was preparing something she got up next to me very close elbows touching
- we kept on brushing past each other
- she started throwing food at me
- she was stirring something and was talking to me and staring me in the eyes and smiling she lost track of the heat and it almost burned
-she kept on mentioning her family life and little things about herself also she remembers tiny things i have said to her and she knows my plans to go to maine for Thanksgiving and she keeps on bringing it up i dont even remember telling her that
- she got a text from another guy to meet up and she told him no
-she also said she got burned she held up her arm so i decided test the waters and reached out to touch her and she didn't pull away i didn't see a burn
-when the sauce was done she took a spoonful and put it in my mouth i wasn't doing anything at the moment so i was free to do that myself
-also a couple months ago we went with a group of friends to visit my family in another state for the past month she has been saying when are we going back to maine i want to see your mom

now when we went to pick up our friend from work her attitude kind of changed she became very quiet towards me and then left a couple minutes after we got back to my house i dont know if she is just being super friendly towards me i know my room mate is moving down to florida in about a month and they are best friends and he said she mentioned that she is going to need me in her life once he's gone so i have no idea any ideas please i need multiple perspectives


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  • hi, lol intended in a sweet way, everything i read was her totally being open and responsive and allowing you to make a move on her. you didn't, so i am guessing her change compared to that evening is because she gave you all the signals and you didn't respond so she may be unsure how you feel. of course i could be wrong, so you have to communicate with her, if she is on the shy side you should respect this and offer to take her somewhere away from others if you usually hang in a group. she sounded very open and comfortable around you when you were alone together xx

    • Thank you for your honesty i was thinking the same she still wants to do things with me i just have to gather up the courage to make a move but i also dont want to ruin a friendship if thats what it is.

  • She's interested.


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