Should I really do it? Help?

Alright, hopefully no one I knows read this because this story is pretty pacific and I'll find it very embarrassing... So this girl is a outdoors type of a lady. She lived on a farm her whole entire life, she tells me how she feels really suffocated when in town (our town is very small around 50,000). How she always feels the most comfortable in the outdoors and feeding all her animals, she really really love her animals and being outdoors. So I proposed to her for prom with a rose and went on one knee and all that cheese stuff and she loved it! But during our slow dance she was really stiff and awkward and never looked me in the eye, she kept turning her head away from me when I try to make some form of eye contact, however when we would go take photos I would grab her by the hand and lead her to the photo both she really kinda enjoyed. This girl is probably the most shyest thing on earth and I'm probably one of her only few sophisticated male friends. I talk to her almost every night on different social media sites. I'm just petrified if what if she's only being nice to me, what if she doesn't look at me like that. I too also really enjoy the outdoors but I live in town... she always prefer to be with her friends (all females) when she's at school/(During most of the prom). I'm just really really scared... so I'm thinking to ask her out, not into town but to her farm and how we can do things in the outdoors and maybe do some chemical experiments (she also loves chemistry, almost as much as her animals). Should I?


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  • ask her, if you don't ask you'll never know and always wonder

    • No harm in asking I suppose? Thanks

    • you should always prepare ysf for rejection so it doesn't catch you off guard.
      I hope it works out. good luck!

  • Go for it, she probably likes you too

    • I really hope so! Thanks

    • Also, make some chemistry pun/pick up line if you guys do that lol. I know I would enjoy that haha

    • I'll keep that in mind :) Thank you

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  • it's pretty ocean eh? Haha.
    50k is much bigger than mine goddam, probably just a small city? Outdoors makes more sense in that case.

    Yeah just ask her to hangout and see where you stand, she sounds very shy indeed.

    • Just decided to throw in a pun ya know ;), I think I might not make it into a 'date' date but like hangout type of thing. Yeah cheers!

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    • Have fun man! Try to keep being at least a bit flirty though so she doesn't think you only want to be friends.

    • I well! Thank you so much!