Do I break up with her? She let a guy kiss her. What do I do?

Hi everyone, not feeling great rn not gonna lie i need help.

My girlfriend of over a year went out last night and just called me sobbing saying somethung terrible happened. This guy who i is known for trying to hook up with anyone was hitting on her a bit then she went home, but he messaged her telling her to come out and talk to her.. she is really down at the moment and claims that she just wanted someone to talk to and hoped he wouldn't try anything. So she went outside and down the hill to talk to him and he basically just asked for sex (who saw that coming am i right?) Anyway so he then kissed her 3 times as she tried to push him away then she eventually ran away and called me. I dont know what to do, can someone seriously help me out? :(


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  • I am sorry this happened to you! I would be hurt also!

    I feel for you and think that how you are feeling is totally valid. I'm sure if the situation was reversed, she would feel hurt as well.

    But I also kind of feel like you shouldn't dump her just yet, without knowing more. I feel like if she was trying to push him away, he was probably trying to force himself on her.

    • Yeah but I don't know why she went there in the first place :/

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    • I think you are making the right decision. Best of luck to you both!

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  • I think you should really dump her... she sounds guilty and full of shit...
    I mean if she knew that guy is continuously after her trn she should be smart enough to think that it will be for sex...
    She isn't innocent... On top of that she did all this behind your back... when girls cheat they always play the victim and I were you I would dump her...
    She did all that purposely

    • Also she went to another guy to talk to? Why? That's weird and disrespectful!!! She is your girlfriend and she should talk to you... and you only.. About her problems...
      I really don't think she is innocent... She knew that guy is hitting on her and still went there...

    • it feels bad, she is claiming she just wanted to talk to someone but I don't know why she couldn't just go to bed

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  • If she was pushing him away, then she didn't "let" him kiss her; he kissed her against her will. That isn't her fault, in fact, he basically assaulted her. You absolutely do not dump someone for being assaulted. It would be a total dick move.

    • But when she called me she kept saying that she was a shit person and that I deserve better. She kept telling me to break up with her I'm so confused

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    • I just don't know what to do

  • Why did she go down the hill to talk to him?
    Why didn't she talk to you if she's down?
    She's not that dense. She knows what she was doing.
    Tell her you feel hurt that she kissed him.

    • That's what I thought I was home she could have called me.. she knows I feel hurt

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    • Find someone you can spoil and won't run off to another guy to cry on that is notorious for hooking up and she knows that. Doesn't seem like there was respect there.

    • Yeah I don't feel very respected ngl

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