How Should A Guy Present Himself to Girls When Introducing himself?

Okay, I thought I might get some interesting replies here...

I am probably not the best at getting dates, or this could be because I am not in public settings very often where suitable girls could be met. I am somewhat shy, but not scared to initiate conversations.

Ok - I guess girls are interested in some various combination of 4 things (correct me if wrong) - 1) man's looks & body, 2) personality, 3) social standing, and 4) stature (basically how much $$$ he makes).

so I basically work & workout, and sleep. I make a lot of $$$ compared to most other men my age. I rarely mention what I do to girls or am vague about level of sucess and usually am not dressed up if not at work at all (jeans/shorts - t-shirt) --- I wear a suit to work so I don't like being dressed when I don't have too.

okay let's here advice


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  • dont waste your time on women...


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  • You don't have to mention the amount of money you make. It will make you sound like you're bragging about it. Mention her your name, your profession and your hobbies.


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