Why has he become distant?

I have been dating a guy for 3 months, and we get along very well or so I thought, have similar views on important issues, have more or less the same interests, etc. We are both the same age and even celebrated our birthday together with our friends (he suggested the idea). All of a sudden he has become very distant and I'm not too sure why. I know he was having some problems at work, but they didn't seem to be more than the norm. I phoned him twice this week and he didn't phone me back, the second time I left a voice mail asking saying that I hope he's OK and I was just phoning to see how he's doing. He text me back saying he was the bar and if everything was OK with me. I text him back saying yep. However, my gut is telling me something is wrong, so the next day I sent him a text saying that I feel that something is wrong and if I have offended him in any way. He replied saying no and that he is experiencing some problems. I responded by saying that if he needed to talk I'm here. I haven't heard from him even though it's Easter and don't feel that I should contact him because for the past week I have been trying to communicate with him and maybe he just needs his space. I'm just not sure as to whether I've done or said anything to upset him. He has always spoken to me about any problems he's had before and we've been open and honest with each other but now things seem different. I just need some advice please. I have been taking things as they come, and haven't been pushy, he was the one who had suggested that we spend some time together over Easter holidays and after the last time we saw each other he told me that I had brightened his day (all we did was meet for coffee). If anyone can shed some light on this, maybe something I missed please let me know. I just want to understand what is going on and how to proceed, for now my instinct is to stay away and hope that he'll explain things to me at some point soon, but I if he doesn't want to see me anymore then I wish he would be direct and say. Any advice? Thank you in advance


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  • sounds like he's trying to break up with you. There are some guys that will try really hard for you to break up with them first. men can be idiots like that. I would try for a break and if he's serious about the relationship he'll try to figure it out.

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