Has he lost interest?

So this guy I was dating and exclusive with for three months told me he wanted to see me only once a month, we live maybe 40mins away and I always travel to him so the effort is on me.

He said he doesn't like that we can't just hang out whenever because I live 40mins away and it requires planning which he hates. I told him it would make me unhappy to only see him once a month or every 3 weeks and that I don't think its much to ask.

I did ask if he was losing interest etc and he said no that he didn't want to lose me etc.
All I know is that if a guy likes a woman he will do whatever to see her and make her a priority, know I wouldn't leave someone I was interested in for a month for fear they's lose interest. He also explained he's been single for three years and is trying but isn't sure how a relationship will work as a single parent. So I made the decision to end it.
I guess i'm looking for validation/insight


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  • You're right. Someone who doesn't want to lose you and wanting to see you once a month is extremely weird. It's actually doing the opposite. Maybe he put that distance there because he feels like things won't work out. Have you got a child?

    • I don't but he has a 5 yr old and is going through a divorce but has been separated and single for 3 years. I think also he struggled with me being a 'good girl' or nice, he was used to women who would cheat etc

    • Argh, so his feeling unsure about the whole relationship, because you're different. Let him get through this divorce and see where his mind and heart is at after it

    • Yeah its been 2 yeas though, he is dragging his feet. A part of me wonders if he wants to be back with his wife but she hates him. I know that before me he was looking to date other single mothers. I do think it is less to do with his kid and more to do with his interest levels in me.