Why did he cancel?

So me and my boyfriend were supposed to go out today. So I called him and he said how bout we hang out tomorrow since its getting time for him to work! He has three hours left until work, I know because I work with him and because he has the same time everyday. So I'm just kind of worried why would he say that?He tries every possible way just to hang out with me. I hope he doesn't have someone else like my ex had! That would be a major no no and I would feel crappy. So can anyone explain?


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  • "So I called him and he said how bout we hang out tomorrow since its getting time for him to work!"


    Maybe's he's tired and wants to just go home and have some alone time. This happens with the significant other and more often with guys. As you get older you'll learn that guy's need their space for zoning out to something on t.v. while scratching the balls.

    Don't read into it, don't freak out.

    • I agree. most women including myself have jumped into conclusions so I can definitely understand her point of view. men tend to be more logical while women act out on emotion and impulse. it's in our nature. I guess it's also a part of maternal instinct.

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  • ok first of all, you shouldn't jump into conclusions based on your past experience with your ex. I know it's hard but you have to remember that your ex is NOT your current bf. they are two different people so their actions, words and behaviour should be treated separately. secondly, again, don't assume that he's doing something behind your back because the other time he tries to hang out with you as much as he can. maybe something came up and he didn't feel like talking about it over the phone. maybe he's too shy to tell you over the phone, or it could be that he just wants some time for himself. I understand that you're his girlfriend and all but he also needs time for himself to unwind or take care of personal things that don't pertain to you. at first you'll be annoyed by this but to be honest it shouldn't bother you. he is a person too and he also has the right to take care of other things in his life that don't revolve around you. I know you'll feel a bit slighted he didn't fill you in but on the other hand, you should also trust that he's not doing anything that you should be suspicious of.

    if it's really bother you this much, you ought to speak to him about it. but don't ask him random questions like are you seeing anyone and that's why you coudln't hang out with me yesterday. I guarantee you that this will only get him annoyed with you as you have just jump into conclusions without any viable evidence. it'll make him feel that you can't trust him and that you're a bit possessive. guys like their space so maybe that was a nicer way of telling you that he needs some alone time and he'll just see you another time. I know most girls in relationships lose sight of their own individuality and spend that majority of their time focusing on the 'we' and 'us'. it can be really suffocating for a guy to see their girl on a daily basis and the fact that you work with him and are going with out with him can also be a bit too much. I mean when he has to work, he sees you. when he feels like relaxing, he sees you. there's not sense of mystery or longing for you when he sees you on a daily basis or an almost daily basis. so if he says that he'll hang out with you some other time, I think it's him saying that he wants some time to himself just to hang out with his friends, maybe read a book or just catch up on sleep on his own time and outside of your relationship. so don't get all worked up about it because it's not something that I'd worry about as there isn't enough evidence to assume that he's doing what you think he's doing. do not rely on assumptions they'll only spell disaster.

    if you have any problems or concerns about your relationship, the best thing to do is to be honest with your partner, and above all else, be honest with yourself.

    • Hey thanks! I love your answer.

      But we don't see each other everyday once to two times a week!

    • No worries. once or twice a week isn't bad at all. maybe something came up or he has to work later than usual. it could be any number of things. but don't worry too much about it. if anything, just wait for him to bring it up when you talk or see him next and if he doesn't just ask.