POSTING FOR MY BROTHER- This girl I really like only pays attention to me when she's out of town. Why?

My brother asked me to post this- thanks for the advice for him

This girl who used to live in my state started hooking up with me about 3 months before he moved away. When she's out of town, we text all the time and like each other's pics on social media and we say we have a thing. when she's visiting home, she barely pays attention to me. she hangs out with friends all the time, takes a lot of pictures with other guys but none with me, and only sees me at parties. she's home about 2 months a year, and as soon as she leaves he starts texting me again a lot. why is this? why doesn't she pay attention to me when she's home?


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What Guys Said 1

  • Likes the ego massage while keeping him at arms length.

    • Do you think she really likes him? Could this relationship ever become serious?

    • Nah, she likes the attention he gives her.

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  • Because she is bored and she has nobody else to talk to. She's not interested at all.

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