Guy just asked me to be his girlfriend today and I already disappointed him? Scared he's going to dump me?

This guy and I poured our feelings out to one another at 4am today. He said he really likes me and asked me to be his girlfriend after one month. He said he wanted to say he loved me but didn't want to scare me away. I already know he does not love me but I'm letting it slide.

We slept on the phone. We were supposed to meet a group of people at the pool at 11am.
I woke up at 9am super late. I tried to get ready but then I looked at myself and I thought I was embarrassing. I'm really stressed out recently as well and my car isn't working so I asked him if he can find another girl to go with, because they needed certain amount of girls. He sounded really disappointed and I feel horrible. He texted me if I wanted to still go come and he hopes every things okay and to not stress out. I didn't reply because I don't want to ruin his fun. Now I'm scared he's going to dump me because I've been flaking so much because my stupid car isn't working. I never had these issues before but all of a sudden now that I was getting to know someone and they asked me out, I get these issues. What should I do?


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  • you just need more confidence that is all if the guy likes you then he will stick by you no matter what and it doesn't matter how you dressed because he finds you attractive so he wouldn't be with you at all. it just happened your car isn't working and you should just tell him about it. just communicate and everything will be fine.

    • He knows my car isn't working and that I'm unemployed right now. I told him I would uber up there but I've never been in this situation before. I've always been able to provide for myself. Right now life is hitting me hard and everything is crumbling. I never felt so helpless before and embarrassed. We just started dating and look how everything is going. Yeah I dont have confidence at all. I try to, but its hard.

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    • @Marinepilot Should I suggest that then? I really like him as well. He's the only guy that seemed to like me for who I am. It's really hard to run across them. If I lose him now, then what if he moves on already? I never had an official boyfriend. I've been burned a lot by other guys. I don't want to lose him but my life is definitely in the dumps, yes.

    • I'd suggest it and see what he says. I believe you're a nice person and Lord
      knows I was abused by many shitty women before. Try and see.

  • I don't think there's much you can do, if it were me I'd dump you.

    • And exactly why would you dump me?

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    • I have a girlfriend and I know what the building each other up thing is all about. The thing is the beginning sets the tone, on the receiving end of that it looks like you're gonna have a flaky, unreliable girlfriend. Personally I'm reliable and dependable, if I say I'm gonna go somewhere or do something I do it, it's very rare I let someone down, I put the effort in because I know anything else just sounds like excuses or like you don't care enough to get out of bed on time or find another way to get there etc.

    • Eh. I'll have to agree and disagree. I did talk to him and he's okay with it. But I won't let it keep happening.

  • Find a way not to flake. If you don't, he's gone.

    • I'm not flaking. I have legitimate reasons why I can't see him.
      My car isn't working. He knows that.
      I was going to try and uber there but I can't waste money like that right now.
      So I told him I can't go last minute. I hate flaking, but that's all I could do.
      He caught me at a low point in my life. I don't know why my car all of a sudden just stops working on days he asks me to hangout. I think the universe is trying to mess with me.

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    • Please let me know how it turns out.

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