Lady's how do you feel about a man who has been willing single for 6 year's straight (No hooks ups) ?

I recently decided to get back out there i was very depressed due to my babys mom leaving with our child and getting married. So i never see my child anymore at all but it's been 6 year's since i ignored most females who came my way but i started gaining feelings again for women and im ready too shine again and i've started too acknowledge the women who come my way these days, but my question is how do you feel about a guy who chose to not sleep around or date for the past six years. Would you think im a waste of time?


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  • Mad respect blue anon, mad ass respect. Of course I almost wouldn't believe you at first but I'm amazed that this actually exists. Awesome.

    I'm very very sorry you don't get to see your kid. What's up with that?

    • We were young when we had a child, so her family decided to move when she was 18 and she never told me they were leaving until i seen a half empty house so she moved to another state and their was nothing i could do, she did come and visit and kept trying to push for a LDR with me but because i turned that down after what she did too me, she decided to get married to some other guy she met and told me she no longer needs me sending her money or buying my child things anymore. So she cut off contact with me years ago, I've been down in the dumps sense i lost apart of me and i just stopped dating and going outside for awhile and now i really have no dated ir slept with anyone else sense then i have ignored all advances coming my way.

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    • Yeah im not the hook up type and never really have been, I've seen people catch feelings for others and it's not really nice too lead people on, even though you both agreed too hook up i guess im just a last of a rare breed but i hope i don't forget anything lol that'd make me look bad but i am looking for a girl to get to know again and date and be long term as long as she doesn't cheat which is so common now day's lol thanks

    • Yeah cheating unfortunately runs rampant between both sexes these days.

      Good luck to you in your love life and with your daughter!

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  • No I wouldn't think that.. Dating or being single is a personal choice to adopt and the fact you haven't slept around can be considered admirable. Sometimes if you've have a bit of a long sexual history of just hookups and one night stands, some girls are turned off by it.

    • But im pretty sure a girl would notice im rusty or something n think im a waste of time lol

    • Well then you know that girl is shallow and not worth your time lol

    • That'll hurt my ego lol i hope im still 100

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