Two shy and awkward people went on a date?

I didn't realize she was going to be shy too, we grabbed ice cream and went and walked on Galveston beach. The weather was perfect, it wasn't raining and it was actually nice and cool outside compared to what it normally is. I guess the date was a little boring to her, I asked questions about her and got to know her and she asked a few about me in return, and after about 20 minutes of walking on the beach she gets a call from her mom telling her that her grandma fell, so she had to go, well I've heard just about every excuse in the book for bailing on a date, but I gave her the benefit of the doubt. The entire date from me meeting her to the time I got back to my car was 40 minutes. lol First dates are usually a bit awkward, I mean it takes more than one meeting to feel comfortable and open up. She admitted she was shy too, so I don't really see what went wrong, other than just needing a little more time to get to know one another. She wasn't all that interesting either, but I like to give people more than one date to see what I think. Maybe walking on the beach was too boring? I kind of think that's bs that she gave me 20 minutes and basically bailed out. I drove 40 minutes to meet her and paid for her food too.

I guess that's just the dating life though. haha.
Well I texted her when I got home asking if everything was ok, still hasn't responded. She read it though, although she wasn't the best at replying before the date, so that's why I went ahead and set a date up to begin with. I called her out on not ever replying and I said why don't we meet in person and maybe we can get to know each other easier in person... so wet met, but I guess that didn't go well either. There isn't much I can do if she doesn't hold up her end of the conversation.


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  • At least you dodged a bullet. But if you really like her, ask her out again, perhaps this time it will be better? Good luck


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  • Nice tale however I think that you should follow through and try to see her again. Shy girls like romantic dates where not much happens because they are less stressful. They can relax and worry more about what they are going to say than keeping third emotions in check.
    Sadly grandparents do randomly fall and get hurt. Sadly this is a regular occurance. With old people like you said give her the benefit of the doubt. If you liked the date try going on a mother one with her.

    • Whether or not her grandma really fell is up in the air. I've heard girls use that kind of excuse before, and the chances of something like that happening on a date just isn't very likely. She responded back finally after messaged her again calling her out on her bs, and she said she didn't think we had much in common anyways. I texted back basically saying, well yeah how much are you going to get to know about someone in 20 minutes, especially when you pull your phone out three times in that period. Oh well... Just have to continue the search, it's pretty hard to talk sense into women these days, although their are some who have more sense than guys, although that's a bit rare.

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    • No problem. I didn't pick mho I think the website did for me. I don't even know how to choose it, but you deserve it for sure :) Thanks

    • Yeah it does after a month

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  • Happened to me as well (only it was a bit worse). First dates are hard and women don't tend to say too much so it leaves guys to wonder. If you're interested enough, ask her out again. If she says no or some excuse then you know she's not interested.

  • You are two shy and awkward?
    Well that just means they there stoopid.