How come when I imagine kissing or being intimate with another person besides my ex, I get teary eyed and want to bawl my eyes out?

My only experience is with one person who is now my ex. But im talking to this other guy i met inline and he wants to see me Tuesday. I dont know if I should go ir not. he's really cute and really nice. I picture what it would be like if we kissed and i just start thinking about my ex and start crying and i haven't even done anything yet.

I was the one to break up with him and he wanted to stay with me. But as much as i really do love him, i know its best for both of us if we went our separate ways because we were so toxic for each other. But i dont miss him. I just feel like kissing someone is special and i've only experienced my exs kiss. No one elses.


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  • Maybe you're just not ready. You don't say how long you've been slit up but it doesn't sound like it's been long enough. If the thought of being intimate with another guy scares you or makes you sad, then you should not be seeing new people yet.


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  • Was he your first?


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