Just being friendly or interested?

these are the facts:

-she is always interested in what im doing
-she makes a point out of what im doing. for example the whole team was preparing for something and she specifically made a point of what i was doing. i ended up doing the same job as her but in a different area
-she had this bitch face on a few times when i was flirting with other women
-she was well happy when she thought we were going to be working together but it didn't happen cause something else came up. then her mood changed a little bit after that
-the way she smiles at me and gets nervous and shy sometimes
-she came off a bit surprised that im single
-shes already told me some personal things about her..

the negatives:
-shes just come out of a long term relationship
-we haven't connected on social media yet - neither of us have added each other.
-her moods can change quite quickly and im not sure what she's thinking sometimes

am i reading too much into it or is she interested? be honest and as blunt as you like.


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  • Sounds like its a GO and she's signaling the green lights. Sometimes it’s the fact that we are getting out of a long term relationship that allows us to realize what qualities we want on the next guy we date.

    • @karenn i just dont get why she hasn't tried finding me on social media if she is really interested or is there a possibility she has found me and she wants me to add her? i dont even know. we both have egos i know that much so maybe its a case of maybe ke swallowing my pride. i know social media isn't the be all and end all but it would make it easier for me to determine on how to approach it

    • I am not sure why it is she hasn't reached out on social media. Could be that she barely uses it or something else.

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  • If you can tell that she seems a little more interested in you than other people, if she's happy to talk to you, laughs at what you say even if it may not be that funny.. Those are all good signs. I can usually just feel when someone is interested, the negative points you mentioned aren't really negatives in that she might not be interested. I'd casaully suggest she joins you for a coffee some time or whatever you're into if I were you, that will give you a solid indication.

    • many other people have said this