My girlfriend said she hate me and her previous ex during an argument?

Why Me and my girlfriend got into an argument today, which lead to a breakup. After the argument she went online and posted a status and said "I've never dislike an ex, but I hate my last two ex boyfriends".

We've been dating for 7 months. She had just got a 3 year relationship a month before we started dating.

But umm I got mad when she said "last two boyfriends" why is she bringing her ex into this.

She he hates her ex but just two weeks ago I caught her texting him behind my back. Just confused


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What Girls Said 2

  • She still has feelings for her ex and secondly, she was angry and acted out on emotion wanting to get a reaction.

    • Don't see why she'll take it that far it's been 7 months since they broke up

    • Some people are in love with their ex's for years!

  • wait what? she said she hated you just like her ex... and she texted him :o
    her point is invalid


What Guys Said 1

  • "I caught her texting him behind my back."
    Just leave her dude.

    • She was wishing him a happy birthday

    • If she said she hates you, it is a valid reason to leave. Don't be loser, just say "If you fucking hate me, I fucking leave you bitch!) "
      Have backbones dude.

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