Have you used Tinder?

My friend met her boyfriend through Tinder and they e been dating for some months and are doing great. I've met him and he's a sweetheart! I've been single all my life and it's actually very depressing. I feel like there is something wrong with me. I keep asking myself Am I too ugly? Is it my personality? Am I not tall enough? Am I fat? then I figure that maybe I haven't met the right one yet or I'll find love when I'm not expecting it. She wants to help me make a tinder so I can find someone but I'm not a fan of dating websites. I always feel bad because of perverts, fakes, liars, rapist, killers, and etc... I've seen how people tried that and are now dead not tinder itself but dating websites. It would be great if I found a genuine person on tinder but I'm still scared. Have you guys tried tinder? Is it safe? Have you found someone or "the one" through tinder? Do you know someone who it worked for? Recommendations or suggestions?


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  • I haven't tried tinder because I met my boyfriend before it became the thing. Though, we met on a dating website and yes, he's the one.
    I would say that it is safe if you make it safe. If you're careful, then there is no problem.
    I wouldn't advise you to go on there with the goal to meet the one true love. Take baby step. First goal being talking to men, then meet a few and just see how it goes.
    Even if you don't meet the one, it helps to talk to men.


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  • Yea i never usally go out more than theoerson once tho because i feel like tinder brings out the worst women just like im sure woman feel like it brings out the worst men

  • yea, occasionally go on there to troll gangas and check my 1000 + matches.


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