Guy travels the world to surprise his GF:Was this guy dump or really smart?

-he gets message from girlfriend of how much she wants to see him
-he immediately packs and goes to the airport
-travels for 30 hours while filming everything
-he arrives where she's at
-she seems happy, but her eyes are telling the real story

For you guys too slow to figure from looking at her body language is cheating on him and was surprised when he showed up because she could have been caught. Her eyes and body language aren't a look of genuine surprise and happiness but guilt and trying to cover something up.

So Basically she wanted to get some foreign pipe so she traveled on a "girl's trip" as far away as possible from her beta boyfriend. She FINALLY lined up some big Croatian cock for her and her friend but the boyfriend, sensing she's a slut , decides to do a surprise drop in to see if he can't catch her in the act. When they finally meet, the girl has a guilty look on her face and plays it off like she's excited to see her boyfriend. Deep down she's upset that no Croatian Creampies will be served on this trip. Cuck drops thousands of dollars to delay the inevitable cuckoldry that is going to take place.

Quick question: Has there ever been a story of women doing this for men? It seems that men tend to do all the grand romantic gestures for women.

  • It was sweet
  • Dumb for wasting money to do this for his girl
  • Smart for doing this to catch her in the act
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  • Hmm a girls trip to Croatia? Everyone knows you don't go to Croatia to do tourism xD you go there to get drunk and party, that's basically it, so I wouldn't be surprised if she cheated before she messaged him, kind of like regret.

    As for your other question: it's true that the great romantic gestures are done by men. Most women think that by having sex with us it's ok.
    I wish more women were more romantic.


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  • I wanted to vote A and C on this. I'm sorry that happened to you but don't let her actions bitter your thoughts on women in general. Everyone is different and unfortunately good people get burned. It was incredibly sweet what you did and I'm pretty sure a lot of the good women out there would agree.


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