Is he delaying the break up?

The guy i'm dating said he doesn't want to break because he feels we have something special, up but we live 50 miles away and he doesn't see things getting any easier (its really hard for us to meet up). He pointed out that his past gfs were either college, uni or local and so this feels long distance to him (though I have to do all the travelling to him).
He said he needs to talk to a close friend first to help him make up his mind and I've told him he has till the end of the week because I don't want to waste my time on someone who isn't sure about me.
Its hard for me because I a so sure about what I want.

We were doing really well a few weeks ago and all of a sudden things have been weird we haven't been able to meet due to holidays and as a result our connection kind of dwindled. In my mind if your unsure that is your decision right there, but he keeps saying he does want me. Its confusing as I know what I want. He has promised me it is just the logistics of getting to each other.


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  • He's full of shit. Doesn't know what he wants but doesn't want to break up. That's conflicting. Dump him


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  • If the relationship is making you unhappy, you should leave no matter what he says to you.