I have fallen for 3 women and can't choose who I want as I don't want to be with all 3 and be a cheater. What do I do?

There are currently 3 women in my life. Olyviah, Bella, and Valeria. Each amazing in there own way and I have fallen for all
of them. Olyviah is a teacher, she has an amazing passion and talent for art and she has the body and looks of a supermodel and the confidence of a lion. She has only had one other guy besides me and is still a virgin because she said guys tended not to ask her out because they got nervious. Me and her have dated and it was okay but she was always busy and rarley had time for me so we split and have talked and may give it another shot, which I like because When we are our game together were untouchable. Bella is friends with olyviah which is how we met, She's gorgous and so caring but fierce when she needs to. Me and her have almost everything in common, lifestyle, shows, hobbies, I mean everything, we just fit well. Me and her both shared feelings for eachother but for some reason she keeps holding back but says she want's to get with me soon but doesn't mind if I can't wait and want to try for someone else. Then the wildcard is Valeria. She's like one of those tough women you see in movies, She has a athletic body, but she's very shy although I was able to get through with her. We were semi dating after me and olyviah broke up but nothing to serious but the thing with her is she's very cold sometimes, Like she hates mushy stuff and not into heavy effection. It's like a love/hate relationship without the fire of wanting to throw the other out a window, and altho she says she wants to try and move things forward she doesn't know how to love because she's kinda been a golddigger for a good part of her life and she's
rarley been in a relationship for feelings rather then money (ie: i dont have a lot lol) So I don't know what exactly im
asking for buy any advice will do.


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  • Bella. Youve tried the other ones before and didn't work


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  • Based on what you describe bella seems like a best option. You have most things in common, same hobbies etc. Valeria seems like worst option. she's cold and she's even a gold digger? I wouldn't even consider her. I would pick Bella.


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  • Tl;dr

    Choose the one you like most

  • This feels like an episode of the bachelor

    • I know this sounds corny but follow your heart. You can't trust some stranger's opinion on who is the best match for you. ONLY you know that. You know which one you just need to dig deep and think about it. Who do you imagine spending the rest of your life with?

    • That is Waaaay easier said then done... When i'm around each of them, they each have unique things about them that at that moment make me think "This is the one"
      Until I meet the next one but one thing I Do know is one of them
      Is my soulmate...

    • You're good man you should totally do reality tv.
      Allright, I'm not indicating that it's easy AT ALL. I'm just saying that one of them you like/love more than the others. You will have to think deep about which one it is. Still though, you can't seriously rely on people here to tell you who you should be with..

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