What should I do?

There's this girl I really like, I know she likes me, but there's another guy. She known this guy since like high school days. She focus on seeing where things go with him and holding back with me. I know she likes 100%, but how can I overthrow this guy because he has history with her and I'm just a new guy. Should I back off and let it unfold or stay in the picture? What should I do
im open to all options!


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What Girls Said 2

  • Back off

    • Would that help my chances or just back off and move on? Cuz I really do like this girl

    • If she's keen on seeing where things go with this other guy, I don't know why you'd stay in the pic.

  • If things didn't work out in the past hopefully for you they won't now. I would step up your game.,& try to take things to another level with her.
    Best of luck


What Guys Said 1

  • Well, there is nothing you can do, if you are sure she likes you but despite that she chooses to be with him then all you can do is respect her decision and back off.

    Don't try to do anything, if she wants to come back to you then she will do that on her own, don't try to do anything to manipulate the situation in your favor or anything that way, if you can understand what I mean.

    • Yeah I get it that's what I'm going to do its just that I know the dude is playing her most likely. No guy going to talk to girl for like 5 months and not make her his girlfriend unless he's really just using her