Girls, Girl forced to reject me?

Ok I work in a city , on the way home everyday I noticed a cute women. We would stare , look each other up and down. I then started to notice her copying my actions and suddenly after I shows interest she started to dress skimpy. So my work demand got heavier I caught it less often. Then I get on randomly and notice her looming depressed. Aston as she seen me she lit up and froze. Licking her lips and continuing flirting. So I got les and less frequent 3 weeks later again looked shocked. I sat opposite her and she held these flowers to hear chest tilting her head looking at me with a slight smile. I ignored it. So the 4 weeks later sat opposite her and she looked at everyone but me as I sat really close. I had an accident so disappeared for 4 months. I would no longer stand/ sit near her. She would stare at me accross the train looking confused then adjust hair, make up and perfume. Walk past me to get to the other side it first started with her smiling 2 weeks later she smiled again 2 months later she started saying hi and blushing really badly. So 2 months later i came back she had a new boyfriend and looked uncomfortable to see me again as she was with him. So I commented on a picture of her saying she looks nice without adding her (just to let her know ) . Day after I went to buy a ticket she stared with a huge smile. I ignored her boyfriend merger and caught her smiling and tried to follow me. I avoided got into another carriage. She stood closer to me he stood abit further away. She checked he wasn't looking faced me with a huge smile , wide pupils staring into my eyes. I hunted her bed was turning around and she looked away licking and biting her bottom lip. Walked over to her boyfriend. I got off early as he looked sad. He manipulated her to send me some crazy message to warn me off. I ignored it. 20 mins later she saw me and asked if I was ^^ I said no. She stood behind him with a huge smile again.

So 30 minute later she blocked me I left it 3 days. Inboxed he via LinkedIn saying sorry for causing a problem. I was meaning to introduce myself a lot sooner. But couldn't as she made me shy , and due to work. I said I noticed her regular occurances. I respect her wishes but hope we can get to know each other in the future then said see you around etc. So she hasn't blocked me on that? But I know she read it I noticed she uploaded a new picture which nobody does as its for buisness uss
So anyway as you can see she practically started making moves I kept disappearing came back to find she has a boyfriend. Let her know I was indeed interest all along. Her response was the huge smiles everytime she sees me. I don't think she wanted to block me she only did it after her bed saw me the day after. So I'm just confused why she kept smiling , what her current situation is. Why she feels the need to stare at me behind his back and smile? Thanks


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  • She sounds like the kind of girl who enjoys getting involved in dramatic situations.

    • I think you are right , I am quite confused by her smiling and by the fact that she hasn't actually taken her own initiative to tell me to back off. It does seem like she's only doing the nessesarys to keep her boyfriend around but at the same time not want to say anything that could possibly but her chance wth me at risk. I am aware that she was trying quite hard to start talking with me it seemed to weird that she remember me after 3 months and everytime I disappeared she got more hesitant to speak with me I can think of 100 signs but a lot of them stated above. But like I said previously about her only doing bare minimum things. I'm trying to analyse her smile as it could mean something maybe to let me know she is interested but has a nt now I don't know all I know is she thought I wasn't interested due to my disappearing and not making a move but I suprised her in the end. Very confusing