Girls, would you consider weight a deal breaker?

well im a short girl but im not tiny. i have a medium sized frame and a curvy figure. i also weight train so my legs are muscular and and i carry most of my weight in my lower body (well and boobs, my bra size is 34D). people guess i weigh around 130 but no, i weigh about 145 pounds. i do want to lose 5 pounds but that is it. i dont want to be under 140.
but the guy i've been talking to is more on the small side. he is 4 inches taller then me and he's strong but he is 10 pounds lighter then me. it doesn't look bad because my waist is still smaller than his and he can easily pick me up, but lately he's been playing sports more often and he's mentioned before that he loses weight when he plays sports a lot (and has trouble gaining weight, he has to weight train like crazy to gain even a pound) so what if he loses 10 more pounds?
im so used to guys weighing at least 20 pounds more then me, not the other way around. opinions?


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  • It really depends on the guy.

    • As for me, no I wouldn't consider it a deal-breaker unless he was overly overweight.