So I've pretty recently become single and I was wondering where are the best places to go to look for other singles, I'm looking for girlfriend material lol. And how do most girls like to be approached?


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  • How did you meet your last girlfriend?

    Are you in college? Maybe there...

    Common Interests? Art? Sports?

    I've met guys at shows...small venues with some great live music...yeah, it's kind of hard to talk but there are breaks between the opening acts and headliners. Maybe that's similar to clubs but I don't think so.

    What about through friends?

    You can definitely try the online thing, Maybe even just put up a profile but make sure you're honest about what you want. A lot of men seem to be on there just to find a booty call but pretend otherwise.

    Approach girls with respect and sincerity; that always wins.

    Depending on where you are meeting her, you'll have to fill in the blanks re: conversation starters.


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  • If you just want a one night stand, well clubbing is a good one. If you want to get a girlfriend, start hanging out, make friends, take a course or do some activities that interest you and you might find someone who has the same interests. I think that most girls you would like to date would rather start with a meal and red wine or coffee (in my case), others a beer. Go take a walk by the river, text her, ask her how her day went and what makes her days better, etc. Just be her friend too and do some activities with her. That shows that you are interested in her more than just to f... her.


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  • I would say the mall. there is this mall that I've been going to lately were the people go there to meet other people more than they go there to shop lol

  • Don't go looking for anyone brother. That is the mistake people make. They are everywhere. The store, gas station, walking in the park, etc... Just approach the one that YOU want.

    Follow what I wrote in my take to secure that date. I am a master at this bullshit.