I don't think I'm imagining this but am I just being the jealous girlfriend?

Ok, this is going to sound stupid and childish. My boyfriend and I have been together for 3 years now and both are in our late 20's. I will be the first to admit I can be a bit of the envious sort. I dont think that's the issue here, but I guess it could just be in my head. For a while now I get this vibe that my boyfriend would rather spend time with his buddies than me. We spend time together just us but it's only when his buddies aren't available. If his guy friends are available I am always invited to join them which I do appreciate, but if I don't want to go out or if what they plan to do is not something I'm interested in, he will just choose them over me. A while ago I tried simply refusing to spend time with his friends and all it ended with was a lot of time spent home by myself and in the end a huge fight.


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  • I'd be a bit annoyed if I were you. By all means make time for friends but if you feel like you don't get enough attention then he needs to realize that and not fight with you about it. Maybe plan a night for just you and him to do something fun

    • that's a great idea. making a regular date with the person you live with is a reminder of how important they are to you. more people should do this. never take a loved one for granted.

  • i think you're overacting, he is aloud to hang out with his friends. get over it or don't be with him