Diference between being interested vs liking someone?

Many people dont understand this concept and I'd like to get your opinions on this.

I believe that being interested in someone or a friend means wanting to get to know that person on a deeper level and if we both end up liking each other then we can date. This could be the "seeing each other" phase with or without hooking up.

Now, liking someone is a completely different story. When you like someone, it means you already like the person as he/she is. Everything about that person you like and you just want to date them.

So the point here is, if I was to tell my friend that I am interested in her, how can I make her understand that I dont like her but I am willing to get to know her in a deeper level without making her think that like her already? Because lots of poeple when you tell them you're interested automatically think you like them and of course that is wrong.
There's no difference between both of them, they mean the same
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Diference between being interested vs liking someone?
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