How can I sweep this girl off her feet?

i really like this girl and i want to make a good impression. i want to excite her, and let her now how much she means to me.


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  • 1. Don't be clingy.
    2. Appear interesting.
    3. Don't bombard her with messages.
    4. Be assertive.


What Guys Said 2

  • Have you already asked her out?

    • technically no, we've been on one date that wasn't a date to me but was to her. i've asked her to 'hang out' and she's said no we are not friends it wouldn't be a good idea. I don't know its complicated

    • Friends "hang out". It's all about wording. "Would you like to have dinner WITH ME" or "would you like to have coffee WITH ME" (or "join me") makes it more definitive. That makes it sound more like a date.

    • i've asked her to get a drink.. does that count?

  • Dude read this.

    It is not worth doing all this shit for women, Get attractive and rich and improve on yourself and women will come to you. That same girl you want to sweep off her feet probably gave it up night 1 to some other guy.