What are the signs that an Asian, especially an East Asian, likes you, or at least is (possibly) interested in you (White girl in this context)?

Hey, Asian guys. I'm a blonde girl who is specially attracted to Asians, especially East Asians.

But I never met any Asians who showed interest to me, and I don't think it's because I'm unattractive, since many of my friends think I'm 7-8/10.

A number of people say Asian guys are shy, especially when it comes to non-Asian guys. Then what are the signs that they are possible to be interested to me?

And should I make some initiations? And if I need to, what should I do to approach and attract an Asian guy who I'm interested in.

(Note: I'm also shy, so...)


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  • I can't say that there's going to be anything unique about an Asian guy being attracted to you compared to any other ethnicity.

    Are we talking 1st generation Asian males in the US?

    "And should I make some initiations? And if I need to, what should I do to approach and attract an Asian guy who I'm interested in."

    - Be friendly and approachable just like you would anyone and let him come to you.

    • Well, I'm talking about the general Asian guys, regardless how long they have been here.

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  • I'm currently dating a South Korean who came to the USA 2 years ago. I'm not fully white like you though, I'm half black and half white.
    When we first started talking he texted a lot, and always wanted to hang out. He tried to bring me into his circle as much as possible and was super sweet and patient.
    I will tell you that men are men to an extent and will make you the focus of all of their attention if you're the one who catches their eye. My boyfriend was not shy, and from the moment he approached me at the bus stop that day, I could see it that he liked me.
    If you have to guess whether a guy likes you, he probably doesn't like you.
    Shy guys aren't that different, as they silently make you their focus. If he finds reasons to look at you a lot, or make small awkward small talk, he could be interested.
    The best way to know is to just ask though. You won't die, and you will get a clear answer :) Good luck!!


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  • We be like dis

    But seriously it depends how westernised he is. Many Asians are more reserved due to supression from parents not to mess around with girls. Some of us that broke out are more than happy to approach pretty girls.

    • Well, if he's not westernized and not attracted Western women, I think it doesn't have any meanings to waste time on him.
      Any suggestions on approaching those Asians who like AND prefer Western women?

    • You would approach them like any white guy, we're not a different species :P

      Just go up to him say hello, if you have a common interest start with that. Even if the likes you, chances are he's not going to approach you, you kinda need to coax him out gently, and raise the hint level higher and higher, they don't usually take the initiative so you will be doing the leading. Too bold too quickly will scare them off, but not obvious enough will leave them hanging.

  • Gotta admit, I'm half Asian and generally don't think blonde white girls that are 8/10 would be interested in my "type", so zero resources are invested in going for them.

    You have to approach and get conversations going, and brand yourself as a good girl looking for a good man. One thing I noticed when hanging around East Asian guys is that culture, discipline, and honor play a huge role in how they carry themselves and view others.

  • Good question, I had the same question about Asian women. Asians are probably the hardest people read. Most of them show no affection or interest and the majority don't even date outside their race.


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  • Asian guys are intimadated by white girls. They think they don't have a chance with them. So they don't try much. So if you're interested, i recommend you initiate intrest. Good luck!