I finally asked him out, but I didn't say the word "date"...do you think he got it?

Sorry, I couldn't figure out how to word the question better. :P I texted my best friend last night (we're both home from school for Easter weekend) and told him "hey I just saw the trailer for clash of the titans again, and I decided we definitely need to see it this week, you still want to?" (he mentioned last week that the two of us should go). he agreed, and even though we haven't set a definite day to go, we're definitely going to do it this week. problem is, I don't know if he took it as a "date" or just as two friends hanging out, since we constantly hang out alone together. would you guys interpret it as a date if your good friend (btw, we never use the word friend when talking to each other, if that matters) asked you to go to the movies with her? should I make sure he knows that I want it to be a date or just let it be and see what happens? thanks :)


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  • he probably thinks you two are going as friends, unless you make it clear that its a date he is going to assume you want to "just go as friends."

    but if he flirts a lot when you flirt with him, that's a good sign. he is probably dying to ask you out but is unsure if you think of him as more than a friend.

    hmm I suggest that you make it super obvious that you want him! like grab his package or kiss his neck... THEN he will figure it out. Or just come out say that you like him, if what you have said is accurate then he feels exactly the same way.

    He is probably crazy about you but can't say it! :)

    • Haha well I don't know if he's one who would take it very well if I grabbed his package....but if it goes well at the movies I think I might tell him I like him afterward. :)

    • Its dark in a movie theater.......... you could kiss him at some point during the movie.

      whisper in his ear "i like you" and bam! before he knows it your kissing him and your sitting on his lap for a make out session in the back of the theater. (lol a lot of guys love that)

    • Haha good idea :D thanks.

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  • I guess it would be useful to somehow inform him it's a date-date not a friends-date. Does he know you're interested in him 'in that way'?

    • I think he suspects, but I haven't directly told him "hey I like you!" yet. like I just told the guy above you, we flirt a LOT. also, I'm pretty certain that if people are asking me if there's something going on, then they're asking him, too. especially since whenever we hang out with his roommate or our other guy friends they give us some space, and his roommate magically disappears whenever I come to their room, so that the two of us are alone.

    • When I was younger there was this girl in my class and we kinda used to flirt a lot (in fact is was kinda over-the-top at times). When someone told me a few years later that she really used to really like me I was really suprised (like "Oh? Oh. Damn. Really? Damn. That could have been nice ><"-suprised). Maybe he's not a clueless retard like me, but he might be... :-D

    • Haha that's kind of what I was thinking he might have thought before, so knowing that you've been in that situation means it could definitely be what's going on with him. thanks :)

  • No I don't think he thinks that its a date. Unless if you show him more sign of interests than usual.

  • Well he probably thinks its just friends if you want a date need to let him know you are interested in him that way create sexual tension flirt etc use body language.

    • Well, we flirt constantly, and we both give all the usual signs. I just left that part off cause I didn't want to make it too long haha. like I said, we've never actually used the word "friend" to describe our relationship to each other. our flirting has actually gotten to the point where our friends are starting to ask if there's something going on (it might help that we lock ourselves in his room for hours hehe), so I think I'm flirting a lot but I don't know he could still be misreading it.

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  • Don't worry about it until your there. The things is, yes he may have just seen it as going out as mates, however when a girl and guy go to the cinema together, just the two of them, it tends to mean more.

    You won't be able to tell until you are sitting next to him in the cinema- if there's chemistry between you two, it will show. He will put his arm round you, touch your leg, hold your hand.

    If you want something you have to let him know- he needs signs too.

    How long have you been friends for?

    Do you want something?

    • We've been friends for a little over a year, but we didn't become close until about september (I started liking him in October), and we've just grown closer every day since. If he likes me then I definitely want us to try a relationship. I've been flirting with him a lot, too, especially over the past few weeks, and he has, too. But yeah, I get what you mean about how I'll be able to tell once we get to the movies. Hopefully it goes well. :)

    • When are you going?

      Just remember, in the dark you will both be braver and there are more chances for you to try things- brushing his hand with yours as you get the drink or the popcorn. Perhaps suggest getting a drink to share because its cheaper and then put it on the other side of you so he has to lean over you to get it or touch you to ask for it. Little tricks to get you closer.

    • Good idea :). we're not sure exactly what day we're going yet, cause the theater in our college town is pretty ghetto and doesn't always release movies the day they come out, or we might go to a really nice theater about an hour away and see it in 3D. depending on which of those we decide to do when we see each other again tomorrow, we could either go tomorrow night, Tuesday, or Friday.

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